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One-armed bandits: history and best slots

Today, a huge number of active users on the web prefers to play in free online casinos, which are happy to spend time spinning the reels of a colorful gambling device. The original one-armed bandit allows you to escape from everyday affairs and worries, providing an excellent opportunity to spend free time in the company with your favorite characters from children’s books, popular comics or famous art films.

The online device does not require the player to leave the apartment or their workplace to search for a gambling house, allowing them to choose the best slot machines at any time of the day or night.

History of slot machines

Many gamblers prefer traditional slot machines or one-armed bandits. What is a one armed bandit? These online slots fully copy ground-based slot machines and are presented in good quality on the websites of the top gaming clubs. You can play them for free without sign up, simply selecting a game and launching it in demo mode.

Almost every one-armed bandit presented on any website of modern casino. Those slots were developed by leading experts from the world of gambling. For this, not only the vast experience of specialists from developing companies is used but also modern technologies that saturate the game process with bright and spectacular moments.

One armed bandit is a classic slot machine, which is built according to the rules and principles of the game of real devices. It completely copies their interface and design but is also available online. The goal of the game is to collect combinations of symbols and get winnings for them that can several times exceed the bet.

Retro online slots

Among the most popular one-armed bandits in the casino, there are several games: Monkeys, Brothers, Slot o Pol, Pyramid (Aztec Gold), Strawberry, Frogs. These slot machines can be downloaded to a computer because playing there is much more convenient. Choose for yourself: play one-armed bandit slot machine for free without registering on the website of the game club or on the phone.

Features of one-armed bandits:

  • simple interface and convenient control;
  • a small number of characters;
  • minimum number of reels (up to 5) and lines (1-9);
  • additional bonus rounds.

The rules for playing one-armed bandits are simple. After you have chosen a slot, you need to run it in the selected mode: for money or for free. Bet and start spinning the reels. For each combination formed of a certain number of characters, you get wins.

The symbols of each one armed bandit slot machine are very different. It can be images of fruits, sevens, bells or more interesting symbols with cartoon characters, animals and other characters depicted on them. It all depends on the subject. Also, in some machines, there may be special characters: wild and scatter.

Almost all one-armed bandits have additional bonus games that are launched using special characters. For example, in Crazy Monkey you will break the ropes and catch bananas with winnings. There are also risk rounds where you can increase the winnings obtained on the main spin. The meaning of each symbol and the win odds are described in the rules of the slots.

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