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Big jackpot? How?

Slot machine jackpot 2019

If you gamble on the sites of online platforms, then you probably know such a game option as the jackpot. This unique gift from the casino is a real dream of any experienced gamer, as the jackpot pushes the boundaries of gamers, giving the process of online competition an unprecedented drive.

Today, on the Internet casino sites, you can choose a wide variety that give gamers unique opportunities of epic jackpot slots. About what options are most relevant today and on what machines they can be found – read the review below.

Types of jackpot in online casinos

On modern online platforms, users find jackpot party that bring them profits from several hundred to tens of thousands, and even millions of dollars. Thanks to the talented suppliers of modern gambling products, as well as new opportunities of the IT-industry, today players can become slot machine jackpot winners on the websites of online clubs.

Now each institution is trying to provide the widest possible selection of slot machine jackpot, as the only way to attract the maximum number of players to its site.

Progressive jackpot

This variant of the jackpot assumes that the gamer conducts a series of successful games on a certain slot, where he receives several winnings. The amount of each bet made by the players increases and resets at the time of winning.

The more popular the slot machine is among gamers and the more often they play it, the faster the jackpot size grows on it. To get the coveted cumulative win, you need to bet on all lines. The jackpot will be in your hands if you get the right combination.

Guaranteed win option

This kind of jackpot has appeared recently in online casinos. Its essence lies in the fact that to receive such a promotion, players must have time to break it for a certain time, for example, within 24 hours from the start of the game in the slot.

Such species have their maximum size, after reaching which they will definitely be obtained by players under certain gaming circumstances. Today you can find in the casino such jackpot options that can be guaranteed to be paid to you when they reach a certain value.

Slot machines giving a good jackpot

At the moment, among the leaders of casino sites that offer super jackpot party slot machine for their customers can be called Mega Moolah. Here, not so long ago, just a huge win, estimated at several million dollars, was thwarted.

Among the most popular machines that pamper their customers with steep winnings in 2019, the following slot jackpots machines can be noted.

Mega Moolah by Microgaming

This slot machine gives users simply gigantic winnings. This has been repeatedly confirmed in the practice of online casinos.

So, in January 2019, the client of the platform was able to get a jackpot of $ 20,057,732. And this is not the only case when this exciting slot with an unpredictable plot gives users such rosy surprises.

Mega Fortune

The slot machine from the popular European provider is created in accordance with the high IT–technologies of recent years. There are unique bonus programs.

Also, the slot is known among gamers as a machine that gives high chances of winning and getting a large jackpot. According to the latest data, in 2019 the biggest prize on this device was about 17 million euros.

Mega Fortune Dreams

Another exciting game with a dynamic plot and stunning graphics. Also, this machine offers gamers to try their luck and hit the jackpot in several levels. The main thing in this slot machine is to reach the bonus round. Players can get in the slot Mega Fortune Dreams jackpots on three levels – Rapid, Major, Mega.

Also there are slot machines such as Joker Millions, Hall of Gods, Major Millions and Arabian Nights. Here users are guaranteed cool rewards in the form of long-awaited winnings.

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